Online upgrade
The latest upgrade program of 4Design Software. This link targets for users who cannot automatically upgrade online, please download and install it manually.


  • 05.202018

    Added the function of illuminating lamps


  • 10.032017

    Improved the cutout algorithm to fix the issue of repeated error reporting
  • 07.162016

    1、Added the rendering function to simulate radiosity
    2、Added the stereoscopic effect of diatom ooze, making the display more realistic
    3、Added the integrated ceiling design module
    4、Added the shadow effects for customized furniture, mural, rug and curtain
    5、Introduced the customized watermark feature to add text and icons to the renderings
    6、Corrected the problem that the valance and curtain body didn't display
    7、Improved the tile design
    8、Added the file encryption function, which made the materials exclusive to specific manufacturers


  • 05.012016

    1、Fixed the issue of latex paint linedraw
    2、Fixed the issue of changing the angle without saving
    3、Added the grouping function for the materials
  • 04.112016

    Optimized the rendering algorithms to improve rendering efficiency
  • 02.272016

    1、Updated wallpaper, wooden doors, floor rugs, home improvement... .
    2、Optimized the UI interface to highlight better details